Not sure of diagnosis - Need help in spanish

My husband was diagnosed with ADHD a month ago. I have been reading a lot of the information on the site. Some information seems to adjust very well to what we are living, but some doesn't quite fit. My husband has a job which he has kept VERY well. He works hard and is successful. Our family life had always seem fine (13 years). His therapist says he has learned to deal with his condition well, but still has it. I can relate to him handling over most family responsibilities to me, reckless driving, anger outbursts, and some other.  He is very obsessive and doesn't find peace easily.  He is very irritable.  Yet he is reliable on the rare occasions he takes responsibility.  This confuses me.

I am going to read the ADHD effect on marriage, and would like him to read it (although he hates to read).  The thing is he doesn't speak fluent English.  Has this book been translated?