Not taking meds!,,, errrrrrrrrr

I just need to vent!  I am so sick of this!!!  We are on vacation and going to have a good time and she just informed me that she only took 2 meds today because she forgot to,take,the other two!!  I read in this sight that we can't remind them to take their meds but then I feel powerless!!  On only two pills she is extremely distracted, can be argumentative, is shut down and can be really hard to get to follow through with plans (we have some tonight) and sex!  Ha forget about sucks so bad I don't even want to do it!!  I need to mention we are a same sex couple...her being more of the butch and me more the fem (in lesbian lingo...she is the top and I more the bottom).  Sex tonight will be choppy, messy, and not her listening to my wants and needs but her doing what ever catches her fancy!  She will just get started and then change it up to something I am NOT enjoying as much.....and forget about connection and romance!!  I know I am not suppose to remind her to take her meds....but it affects me too!!  I should be able to remind her so that I can have a pleasant experience being married to her!!  I am already sooooooooooo. Sick of this ADHD shit!  It challenges everything in our life and creates so many difficulties.  She is already under medicated and under treated but now she just didn't take them!!!  I just want to scream...don't you love me enough to take your fucking meds!!  I surely do not want to be around her the rest of the day.  Fuck!