I just would like to start off my saying I want to break down and cry over finding this forum. For the last year that I have been living with my girlfriend I have so much resentment in me because I feel as though I have bent over backwards for her. I thought ADHD was just a ton of extra energy. I feel so naive. I had no idea what that really meant. Now I live with my girlfriend and her son that are both ADHD neither one is taking medication or getting help. My girlfriend has medication but she tries not to take it because its medical medicine and she tries to stay away from that. As for her son the school gave an evaluation that he is displaying signs of ADHD. Both his mom and dad are diagnosed ADHD. I feel like I have no space in my own home and I cover the majority of the rent. For the last year we have told him please knock before you walk into our bedroom and he continues to just follow me everywhere to include the bathroom and now I go in my closet to get dressed. My girlfriend literally has zero motivation for anything. She works 11 hour shifts choosing to do OT I had brought it up if you need the money I get it but we never go anywhere and do anything. All the days off are spent with her laying in bed watching T.V. That's it. Sometimes she comes home with new sweatshirts, sandals, and T-Shirts for me. Gifts out of nowhere. Then she will say I had extra money from my OT. Just last week on my vacation something was obviously bothering her long story short the conversation turned into her saying everytime she tries to talk to me it turns negative or becomes about her working too much. Even after the conversations she still works 11 hours a day. Also, as of late she has started going into work on her days off. Then two nights ago she said when your open enrollment for work opens can you go ahead and put her and her kid on mine. To me those are big decisions that need to be discussed in length. Not to mention we live and rent out her friends condo that I openly stated I did not want to move into. Her mom, room mate, and her kept pushing the issue eventually I gave in and I regret it. My commute has gone from 40 mins (20 miles) to 2-3 hours (80 miles a day). I do all of the cleaning and one of my friends just recently started staying with us I guess my girlfriend made a comment good I wont be the only one cooking. I do all of the cleaning to include all of the deep cleaning. She cooks a pot of soup once every two weeks which I appreciate but I feel like this is turning into taking care of two kids. I just dont see how this relationship can continue. Any advice is greatly appreciated or some kind of coping skills. I really regret moving in and am dealing with a ton of resentment.