Panic attacks

I am 36 years old with ADHD and engaged to a wonderful man. When life (Especially work) gets overwhelming,  I get this overwhelming feeling that "it will never end," and I literally feel like I am going lost control of everything. My fiance has been wonderful, doing his best trying to calm me down, to see things aren't as bad as they are, and telling me it's ok. I know it's ok, but my brain is still in panic mode and I have a hard time getting out of it. I get insomnia as a result and that makes more anxiety for me.


I have tried meditation, yoga and excercise and it helped WHEN I AM INTERESTED, but it usually goes back to me smoking cigarettes, thinking bad thoughts and driving my beloved up a tree.


I love what someone said about ADHD-ers percieving the world as "flat" and that every little thing that happens is as important as top priority in a non ADHD-er. How do I make that stop? I am medicated, (ritalin SR) and that helps greatly. Somedays I feel like I can not handle it all.. :(