Podcast Naming Challenge! Looking for Your Ideas!

Hello to you all!  I am looking for some assistance coming up with a great name for a podcast and radio show I will be creating with fellow ADHD relationship expert, Susan Tschudi.  Something catchy, memorable and accurate in portraying that this show is for both members of a couple impacted by ADHD.

Not surprisingly, the podcast will be all about ADHD and relationships - primary partnerships as the focus, but also family, friendships and more.  The tone will be friendly, with lively and informative conversations between me and Susan about important topics, plus regular guests, useful tips, and some topics based specifically in the real stories of struggling couples.

If it provides inspiration, our initials happen to spell MOST.

In order to keep things confidential (important when starting something like this) if you would please send any and all ideas to me through this contact form, that would be great (rather than posting here).  

Any and all ideas are welcome!  We are trying to decide on a name by Jan 15 or so.  No pressure!  :-)