Progress, Hope and Validation

Since, I am officially calling our marriage over even if not by decree......I have since had a couple of "gifts" thrown at me and I'm taking them and running with them and using them for the future.  I am convinced in my situation, that Narcissism on some level was a real factor regardless of anything else going on.  I'm stating that and making that distinction since I have come out of this with a new found revelation which I have discovered recently and I am what this is saying.  On the positive side for all concerned I guess I'm what you call an empath?  Okay, go figure but I fit this definition like a glove....Okay, what ever? LOL

But I stumbled across an article that may be useful to anyone here regardless since it speaks of a type of immunity and  power....that I think can useful to anyone?  I don't know how I got to be this way exactly but I was born this way so it's not something you can't teach ( exactly...I don't know, maybe you can, I can't far as I know ) anyway.  I liked this article and what it said and it was validating for me at least.  The title of it is what caught my eye  "An Educated Empath is a Narcissists Worst Nightmare"   Ha! lol

"Childs play" I said" ( lol )  It's not fun, and it's still exhausting, but it's not abusive.  No one can abuse me unless I allow them to.  I am the decider on that one without a doubt.   Knowledge is power, what more can you say? No resemblance to "Glinda" inside the bubble though.  I don't have a bubble, I just go awe-na-tu-rale with a T-shirt and Levi's.  That's more my style. LOL