Random thought of the night by DH!

We moved into our house 9 months ago. Our next door neighbors have 3 chihuahuas which bark morning, noon and night. If you even step foot in our backyard they hear you and start barking and the people don't tell them to be quiet or else it takes them 2 minutes to figure maybe they should say something. So about 2 hours after I get home DH tells me that he was out talking with the guy earlier and he told him that they are just renting the place and the guy who owns it wants to sell it so they are moving out by August. I told him that that is the best news I have heard in a long time! Finally we will hopefully get some peace and quiet.

Then he tells me that we should buy the place and rent it out and that way we can choose our neighbors! ARE.YOU. KIDDING.???!!! You who have no savings, $10,000 in student loans to pay, $4,000 loan from work to pay, 2 credit card payments, don't go to work half the time and can't pay your share of a single bill and are 1/2 owner on our house that we paid nearly $200,000 for (which by the way you never pay your share of the mortgage)  think it's a great idea to invest in a rental?! Yes lets add one more debt to everything! Oh but he says we'll be making hand over foot it we do that. Have you lost your frickin' mind!