rant: lousy excuse for ripping off one's future-maintaining powerlessness

rant: 'lousy excuse for ripping off one's future biochemically and characteristically can't have friendships/relationships for not starting with the get of diagnosed..

i recently had to let go of a person who's life they wouldn't take charge of benefitting themselves-by getting upto resources of help-that for the best of all who could be touched by their participations into the world, (intentionally including me) made the covert decision to not take charge-getting upto resources of help to benefit themselves-a balanced of chemically and characteristically-harmoneous life-were they to from the start off of getting diagnosed. the person in question is with ADHD-by what i can see by a few patterns of behavior-for having learned about how ADHD can/does occur of symptoms from the dr amen book: change your brain-change your life-and read of some things at a couple of websites from there.

i know in this world-in this society at large-one can do pretty much anything one wants-including
the make of no moves at all-when it comes to taking charge of being psychologically healthy and safe
to themselves and others, through the benefit of biochemically and characteristically getting in order-
say-the manage of their ADHD down to? AD/diminished of D from the start off-of getting diagnosed..
but!-can one go about society at large-without being accountable/responsible for their keep up of
secret at not getting in order the manage of their ADHD/ADD-possibly occuring psychologically injurous
to others?

i do experience that most people in this site work hard on themselves to put themselves amongst society
at large as responsible, accountable and committed to making life work out healthy, safe and interpersonally prosperous-for not only themselves-but for other people as well-but 1st-account/responsable themselves to..so i hope people who read this blog are honorable to my anger over how the one of us who is not getting in order and keeping secret-the unmanage of their ADHD/ADD-makes everyone who has ADHD/ADD managed or unmanaged-lumped all together-AS BAD/STUPID/CRAZY-you name it/whatever..

what rights are there to exercise-if any- & can one stand up for-in helping to not fuel-i feel-a public
nuisance-and accurately so named of the person-as was my intended well of (at one time friend)-who won't amongst society at large-get in order to help themselves-the manage of their ADHD/ADD?-so as to save all of us' face who are managing our ADHD/ADD (and me-with dyscalculia-which masquerades AD diminished of D)..to be taken as responsible accountable biochemically and with great work/help in progress-characteristically-careful, healthy and safely occuring with no secret of unmanaged ADHD/ADD people?

i know that i can't change people...

thanks for your responses-all are appreciated:)

janne w