Really struggling with my partner's hyperactivity


My partner is currently going through the process of being diagnosed with ADHD. He has all the classic symptoms and after reading Driven to Distraction we have both felt a huge sense of relief - we understand our day to day lives a bit more now.

However, my main problem is when my partner gets hyperactive and can't calm himself down. He'll push, pull and grab me (in a silly manner, it's not violent) and he won't stop no matter how calmly or assertively I tell him that it's hurting me or putting me in danger. The only thing that stops him is if I slap him on the arm or similar. He then, understandably, gets very upset that I've hit him.

I really don't want to hit him but yesterday he was being really silly and backing me into the screen of our glass shower cubicle and the only thing I could do to stop him from pushing me through it was to hit him.

Is there any other way I can deal with the situation?

I hope you guys can offer some advice.

Thank you.