Rebound Effect


Finally my husband received a diagnosis of hyperactive/innatentive ADHD.  He was started on Ritalin and immediately even on the small dosage we noticed an improvement, but soon as he was off the medicine he was worse off than before, super spacey, super hyper and irritable with everything, and increasing with temper/outbursts.  Good thing we notified the Dr. she said that he was having whats called a "rebound effect" response to the Ritalin and that now she knows he will respond to the other class of ADHD meds better the non stimulant types.  So, thats our next stop in treating this thing....I hope it works!  No one really knows how difficult it is to live with someone with severe ADHD until they try it.  Most think its not really that bad, just a little diff paying attention.  The chaos, the messiness, the clumsiness, the lack of sexual desire, the hyperness at night when all you want is a good rest....its almost too  much, ive contemplated seperation just to stay sane, but I worry that he would not make it on his own.  So, many things run through my mind.  Anyways, hopefully, like I said this med will help us.