restlessness, doesnt sleep much, easily irratated, impatient, talks non stop..

my boyfriend of a year has all of the qualities i mentioned above.

he also is very focused on me to a point it drives me crazy.

too much of anything is not good..

he is disorganized, messy, his finances in the past were

in total disarray too.

he starts things..doesnt finish them...even at times forgets

where he parks his car!

at night im ready to sleep..he is awake..and watching tv ..loud..

even though he seems tired..he seems sort of wired...or overtired?

plus he drinks lots of caffeinated drinks..iced tea  / soda.

when we go to a movie or show..he cant seem to be quiet for long..

i have to tell him to shut up and watch the show!

needless to say..all these traits drive me..a normally quiet person..


i can be alone..he doesnt like being alone at all.

his sexual drive is very big as well..and all of these qualities together

i am finding EXHAUSTING!


he can be great but then i see these other traits and wonder if its adhd.?

i see similar traits in his brothers and their sons too.

does this sound like adhd.?

even when he is sleeping his feet are sort of restless and moving twitching about.


what is going on here? im lost!