Ritalin LA and Vet. Admin.

My husband has ADHD-inattentive. Finally, finally this diagnosis was made and he began Ritalin LA. He was like a new person. We since lost our insurance and he now is under care through the VA.

The problem is the VA does not generally pay for patented medications. The psych-NP started him on the older version of Ritalin, which has a shorter half life than the Ritalin LA that he was taking. She prescribed two doses a day. He puts off taking it in the morning so that he can take it later in the early afternoon, trying to function effectively during critical hours. 

IT'S NOT WORKING!!  We are almost back to where we were: he is  resting/sleeping in his bed a lot during the day, frustrated easily, irritable, argumentative, not engaging in life. 

We had an appointment with the psych-NP yesterday. She thinks waiting to take it at 8:00 am and again at about noon/1pm, lasting until about 4:00 pm sounds good. Who can or wants to unplug themselves at 4:00?! In between doses the effectiveness wanes. It's up-down-up down, down. She kept referring to it as an amphetamine, like it was a delinquent medication rather than a legitimate treatment. Grrrr.

Is there anyone here who gets Ritalin LA provided by the VA? We cannot afford to pay for it ourselves. Or, any suggestions how to maximize the effectiveness of the other stuff?

I'm frustrated. I'm tired.