Searching for Resources on ADHD/Bipolar Disorder Support Groups

My husband has been diagnosed with both ADHD and bipolar disorder. He takes medication for neither condition, but has finally agreed to see a doctor again--appointment at the end of August was soonest available for new patients.

I find his ADHD symptoms to become severe when he cycles through even hypo-mania, and the added thrill of spending too much money while not paying attention to other financial obligations, becoming obsessed with a new hobby while abandoning past favorites (including ones we have always done together), and becoming enraged at the drop of a hat so much that he forgets what made him angry in the first's overwhelming much of the time.

I made the commitment to our marriage with full knowledge of his behaviors and moods, and overall, I regret nothing. He is an amazing provider while I finish my degree, he is almost annoyingly affectionate at times, he is my emotional rock when I am drained, and above everything his smile is the best part of my day everyday. But as time goes by, I find myself struggling to separate his conditions from who he is, and furthermore struggle with the idea that these behaviors are NOT indeed a part of him. 

Are there any resources for finding local support groups? A search engine scouring only turns up articles, forums, and the dreaded "Signs Your Man No Longer Loves You". I am hoping his potential doctor could provide such information, but my husband is in a manic upswing right now and I have to bite my tongue almost completely off and ignore my own needs in order to avoid hearing him threaten divorce in an impulsive and inconsiderate rebuttal to my concerns.