Self Destruction

My husband is ADHD and in total denial of what this can cause in a marriage. I have been so patient while he goes to therapy and tries to work things out. BUT it is between him and his therapist and it seems that all seems to work on is "ME", This co-dependency is soooo difficult. I have tried to make it his responsibility, but then he complain I am withdrawn and I am not there for him. He spirals down...and causes havoc in my life. I recently told him to leave. He goes through phases of selfishness and then he acts so innocent like this is all my fault. He wont leave because of finanaces.

I am so hurt by his behaviour. I am left with no choice anymore. I cannot take the dissapointments and my children are being affected. I am doing this for my kids but it hurts sooo deepely I feel like I am going to self-destruct. I am going for therapy, but there are days where I am so angry. If I knew that he was ADHD and this would be the affect I would never have gotten married.

I just want the hurt to be over.