Separating, but hopeful…

Hi everyone, Non-ADHD partner here.

My ADHD partner and I have been together for almost six years. We love each other deeply. This past July I gave birth to our daughter, who has brought a joy into our lives neither of us can describe.


After struggling from the beginning of the relationship with his issues with money, job-hopping/abandoning, my constant having to nag about forgotten household chores (leaving me feeling like a parent vs. a partner), and his refusing to seek out therapy for lingering anger issues about his family and terrible self-image, I finally made the decision to suggest we separate.

I very much want our relationship to work, especially so we can bring up our little one together, but if he can't learn to love and support himself I'm certain that we won't succeed together.

I suppose I'm posting this in hopes that someone else has been through separation from their ADHD partner and has seen positive, lasting change in their habits. I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks in advance.