She handled it differently :)

Yesterday I wrote in the angry and frustrated area that my adhd partner informed me she had forgotten to take her meds.  We had plans and this information gave me fear of what would become of those plans.  I was all prepared to have to accept a very different , I productive and disconnected day with her.  She went out in the yard and began an activity that usually takes her so far away that she doesn't make it back inside until sometimes 9 at night.....even though it should only take her about 2 hours!   I went into the room and blogged how angry and frustrated I was and how sad I was that now our plans would change....AGAIN....all because I am not suppose to remind her to take her meds and she choose to forget to.  BUT. ......although she did do the activity for longer then was originally planned.....and although she did get a bit lost in wasn't for long at all!  It was do-able, and she came back in side and said "honey, are you ready to move to the next thing now?" And we moved onto it and GOT IT DONE!  (It was cleaning and organizing the garage..which has been a much needed chore for months now since she decided to "hord" the garage with a bunch of her purchases she no longer wanted).  We got it done, we stayed connected, we laughed and talked, we spent the evening talking, she was open and communicative and she didn't forget the things we had talked about doing.  We went to bed AT THE SAME TIME and were able to stay connected the entire night!  Even not being on her meds.  By no means do I fool myself I to thinking this no meds stuff can continue......but I do feel that she has grown in her understanding enough that even on a no meds day, she can still stay present with me and follow through and not get lost in her own world.  For that day, I am thankful!