side effects of Ritalin..


I have just been diagnosed with ADD i think i have had it all my life! i scored a 92 on one of the forms!!! So i have started ritalin i was taking 20mg once a day and went back to the doctor last week and was upped to an after noon dose of 10 mg to get me through the mid afternoon and evening with my three kids!!! but the horrible taste in my mouth i have is creating issues with drinking and eating!!!  and of course it is there all the time now because i have upped my dose.. what i want to know is do the drugs that are more expensive and last longer do they cause such a horrible taste in your mouth too.. keep in mind i live in canada and i don't have a drug plan so ritalin for now is cheap.. and when it works it works well just a horrible taste in my mouth!!

thanks for the advice