A single succes reenforces ADD stubborness... familiar?

Does anybody recognise this?

A single succes re-enforces the typical stubborness that ADD diagnosed seem to have?

Below examples are work related, I DO NOT WANT TO GO OFF-TOPIC FOR THIS SITE, but I have a nagging suspicion that I bring the same attitude into my relationship.


Once I get something right... oh see, nothing's wrong, what issues?.


Here's the example, the company I work for now promotes safety-first-and-foremost. Until a safety issue I bring up costs serious money and is a bit opaque and not well understood by most of my colleagues either. I stuck to my argument (hyperfocus?), several external consultants are brought in until there is not that more higher authorty on the subject matter and I am proven right. Fine.


But next I go all overboard in being the eccentric guy, constantly being argumentative with the boss etc......


Looking at plain facts, I do have some good output at work on occasion but the overall picture:

I held several jobs, but not for very long. Always wound up getting a low performance review, bosses finding me DIFFICULT to work with, no promotions etc.

The typical stuff for ADD diagnosed. Fine to very good work content......... (drum roll)...... of the stuff that I DO get finished.


Another typical: Not properly logging "additional work for the client outside of the contract" for my company, a previous employer. (I don't know the proper term I am not a native engish speaker)

The client expressed to be thoroughly content with my work, except for the planning and timing ALWAYS LATE, and client was reasonable enough for this half-years worth of work to be paid for as additional work outside agreed contract.

Their Lead Engineer was my reference for my next job..... go figure

But the client could well have deceided to be a tad bit more commercial and claim it was not properly reviewed and agreed that I had to work through the things I did. With the boss not getting paid as a result of my improper handling of "administrative chores".


My point is, in my mind, I log my occasional good output as a huge succes.... and forget about all the difficulties surrounding me.

At least not take them seriously enough to effectively work on them.

I can always find a logical explanation for what I do at some detail level, but the overall picture, -helicopter view as you will-, does not make sense.




And I likely do the same in my relationship with my girlfriend. SORRY FOR TAKING EXAMPLES FROM WORK, THIS SITE ISN'T FOR WORK ISSUES


What makes the ADD mind so stubborne once a single (may be big item) item goes well for a change?

Somebody at least re-assure me that they have the same experience....


Regards, DutchGuy




Regarding the detail level that I look at things and not being able to figure-out the overall picture:

I am under coaching for my issues surrounding work, initiated by my boss so I am doing something right, for them to not outright sack me I guess

The coaching psychologist says that she does not see a typical Autism issue, so lets rule that out for the sake of argument for the time being.