So Angry I Cried, Now I'm Laughing a bit

So I had a bad day kindof  with dizzy spells and contractions, to the point I had to have hubby pick me up, couldn't even drive home safely.  Once home I quickly prepare some dinner and get my daughter ready for bed.  Meanwhile Tim says he needs to run out to a store real quick and he'll be home for dinner.  1 hour, 2 hours pass me and munchkin eat and are in bed.  He calls to say he's now over a friends house and will be home shortly.  I"m thinking whatever, coz I know the drill... giving times and intentions is pointless, he'll be home when he gets home.

So my pregnant butt is knocked out sleep by 9 when he finally comes home making all kinds of noise, turning lights on right above my head, and sin of sins... has people with him!!

they all come sit right where I am and he's oblivious to my anger so he's steady talking like we're just gonna party all night.  finally after everyone leaves he decides to tell me what happened.  lol  he spins this story of them wanting to see some house we're moving to and then wanting to se me so he was obligated to bring them to the house without talking to me first.  I'm just staring at him, so pissed I can't even speak... finally when he's done I ask how many glasses of whatever he's had. 

This dum dum says he had two shot glasses of champagne.  *straight face*  I said "liar, how many?"  he repeats himself... then I guess in his head he clarifies by saying "well a shot glass is like a full glass of wine" 

Okay I'm pissed but laughing inside at the insanity.  I'm crying a little at the sad fact that it's pointless to talk to him about this.  I'm frustrated that I have someone in my life that is content with irresponsibility, I can't say I'm itching to do irresponsible things but why does he get to be the one? What if I had a serious emergency with the pregnancy? He wouldn't have been able to help me with crap. 

I think I made a mistake when I said "I do"