So now H is trying for a manager's position??

I don't understand him. A month ago he was all excited and told me that he only needed to complete 2 classes (one online and one reading a book and then taking a test in front of someone) and he would qualify for a QA position which he would get immediately because there are a bunch available and he wouldn't have to submit a resume or anything because he'd be green lit for it. He told me this on July 30, which was 5 days after the fallout with his daughter which he claims to be all torn up about now, but apparently wasn't then? He was super excited about the whole thing back then. He studied for a few days and then never went back to take the test or do anything online. This is when the whole no working thing started. He then tells me that he can't be considered for a QA position until next June when his corrective action measure clears up so why bother. This was news to me. Now he is finally back to work (3rd day in a row) and this after he says he'll just have to hang out in this job and not quit, but he doesn't want to go back to his old area because he hates his manager, his current area is okay but he's already bored there so now he's getting a resume together for a manager's position. Okay so I thought you couldn't move up until your CAM goes away but was that just an excuse too?

I just never know what to believe. He's all over the board on moving up, then telling me he can't, then sending a resume. I'd like to know how he thinks he's going to get a managerial job there. He doesn't come in for weeks at a time, he got a desk job 2 years ago after beating out 4 others but then hated that because it was boring and hated his manager so decided to take a full month off without pay to "show them" how much he hated it so they'd find someone else. He clearly has issues with authority.Just look at his previous jobs. He went back to work for a guy he didn't get along with previously and supposedly thought that this time everything would work out for whatever reason and the guy fired him in 2 months. Then he went to work at another shop where he claims the owner had issues with him and he filed a claim against them saying they let him go unfairly (which he won) but how is he going to find someone who will vouch for him being a good employee? Of course everything else about his job (like how he keeps it!) boggles my mind so he'll probably get a manager's position no problem!