So this is what has transpired since last Thursday!

 Found this out from reading his texts when he wasn't around. After not being at work for 7 days straight, he sends a message to his manager on Thursday afternoon around 2PM saying that he will report for duty tomorrow after stopping by medical at work and doctor has him on light duty for 2 weeks. Friday he goes to medical at 5AM (I thought he was once again pulling the crap of leaving for work but then just going to have breakfast somewhere until I left for work and then coming home) and at 5:45 sends a message to his manager saying "Oh just reread text from yesterday. Was going to come in after 8AM doctor appt and report to medical but then figured I should do that before my appt. Sorry I wasn't clear in previous text. Am at medical now." Wasn't CLEAR??!! You said NOTHING about a doctor's appt! And funny how he ALWAYS manages to get that fake 8AM appt every time! Manager texts him at about 7AM saying that if he is close by then to stop at his desk and "glad to have him back"! Really?? you are glad to have him back??? H stops by his desk and apparently they go over some days that he was out and H says that manager is trying to find some way to find fault in what he did and saying he didn't have it covered. Well duh! How the hell does he remember what excuse was used for what day? Then there's a text to manager at about 8:30 that is absolutely absurd! It says "In my haste to get here (doctor's office) I went to the wrong place. They will still see me but now am on standby and it may be a few hours. I may need an MRI. I'll just take off with sick time today and be in on Monday". OH MY GOD! How can he keep his lies straight?! He was right there at work and still left after being there for 2 hours and that was just for medical!

I realize that I don't confront him on this stuff and let him get away with a lot. Doesn't matter if I told him what I knew anyways because he would find a way to throw it back on me and make it look like I am the one at fault. But to see that his doctor continually lets him get out of work. Even H says "Oh doctor knows what's up. He just wants to do what I want". Then his boss letting him get away with obvious BS reasons as to why he can't be at work. H tells me that after this 2 week light duty he's going to go back to the doctor and tell him that his knee still hurts and needs to be on light duty for at least another month. He says he's got this whole plan worked out. Says the manager in this new area he'll be working in really loves him so he's going to try and get in with him and get transferred there. But then he told someone else the day before that he's trying to get on the crane crew. But then told someone else the day before that he wants to leave his job altogether and go work on the ferries. What DO you want?? The doctor told him that if his knee isn't better after keeping off of it for 2 weeks that he may need an MRI to see if the ACL is torn and if that's the case then he'd need surgery. I tell H that he IS going to get an MRI if things don't get better right? He goes "I don't have to get one. It's my choice." Really? So you want to continue with knee pain so you can continually get a light duty note from your doctor rather than fix it? And my guess is the doctor will continue to give him these notes as long as H wants him to.