Some else's shoes...

funny!!   here i sit in crystal.  sitting with the remaining bigger items for the Uhaul move tomorrow.  crystal to slp.  pefectionistic and wants to control all aspect and in order to maintian that illusion she( you must be on her A Game.  I do that....go in and out of 

11AM pick up Uhaul​

at Uhaul..crystal 

starting *1015AM Kim will meet in crystal.  1030*back to house with truck and one car.  11*am Tyler (kim)arrives tab:  tyler J and Ryan?? still dont crap.  1130* go to slp and so on and so on.  you get it right?

hehe!!  now look..?  am I missing something..?  hehe cuckle...Ohhh wait!  where's all my crap@!!!?  I was so wrapped up in the timeline/to list to do, i forgot all of my stuff!.  the whole reason for packing!!@  I had to lauch at myself.