Spouse quit taking meds

My husband used to take medicine for his ADHD when he was younger and then stopped, but then started taking them again about 2 years ago. A couple months ago he dropped some pills on the floor in the bathroom so he flushed those, but then of course was short so kept taking off work. Then last month he was short about a week...he said he was taking more because he felt he needed to. The past week he had told me he wanted to quit drinking so much and quit smoking. Well he's been really down, like depressed the past week, but I thought it was because of the lack of alcohol and cigs. Then I asked him the other night if he stopped taking his meds. He said he flushed them down the toilet. I was instantly angry because when he doesn't take them he gets extremely lazy, and has no motivation for anything. I asked him how long ago and he said a week and half. The next day he told me he realized it was a bad idea. Then yesterday he texts me to tell me he was going on a drive to figure out what he wants for his life and himself. Okay, I thought I'd give him some space. Things at work have been stressful. Then last night he texted saying he's leaving to go to another state (his cousin lives there) he wouldn't answer my phone calls or texts. So I've now decided to just let him be. I know whenever he gets mad he does what you don't want him to do even more. His brother has been able to get a few texts back but just 1 word texts. Anyway, I don't even know what to do in the meantime. I'm pissed, hurt, and frustrated. But of course I cannot express any of that to him because he doesn't seem to give 2 craps (non cuss word for what I want to say) about me. I suffer from anxiety and depression and he knows that and knows how I always tend to think the worst, yet here he is doing this. He can get more meds on Friday, but that's a week away, so I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm guessing he's going to lose his job and everyday he's away is only going to push me away further. I have no idea what to do when or if he calls me or just comes home. At this point, I don't even want to talk to him. I'm not sure if this is just his lack of meds and depression or if he really doesn't care about my feelings at all? I can't believe he doesn't even have enough respect towards me to call me or at least pick up my calls last night instead of hitting ignore. He didn't even take any clothes or anything with him. I'm new on here but found this site while trying to figure out if what he's doing could be from lack of meds. So I guess I'm just hoping for some encouragement and understanding of what he's thinking.