Spouse stopped taking meds

My husband had shoulder surgery 10 days ago and decided to stop taking his adhd meds while on his pain meds. Ever since he stopped taking his meds we have fought non stop.  I am very frustrated. Today he went to the doctor and was told that he will be off for another 4 weeks. He could go back to light duty but he refuses to do that. His hates his job and wants to quit. I am 7 months pregnant and feel so frustrated that he is taking off all this time now and only getting 60% of his pay and is not thinking about what is best for our family. He could go back to work and receive full pay checks plus bank sick and vacation time for when the baby comes.  He hates talking about money and gets very angry whenever I bring it up. He won't hear what I'm going through to pay our bills and what I am doing to set us up to be able to afford a newborn. Before we got married (1 year in August) he racked up some pretty large credit card debt that I knew nothing about. Now I have tried to set up a budget for us and allow him spending money each paycheck but he manipulates that and tries to get more money. I don't trust him when it comes to money and I constantly worry what he is doing behind my back. He still has access to a couple of credit cards. I feel like I can't even ask him about those cards without getting my head bitten off. I feel like all this stress is not good for me or the baby.  The money issue is still an issue even when he is taking his meds. Now it is 10x worse. He blames me for being negative and treating him like a child. He thinks I should just say everything will work out. He has no idea because he won't let me talk about the money coming in vs the money going out. I work full time and try so hard to stay on budget and pay down his debt. I own my home and he moved in with me. Other than my house I have no debt. I feel so frustrated with his behavior I don't know what to do.