Starting a new marriage counselor .... What to ask

My husband (ADHD) and I ( nonADHD) are starting a new marriage counselor in a couple months.   This marriage therapist is assigned through the Veteran's Hospital where the doctors sometimes work in cycles between clinics... So our other counselor cycled out and shifted us to his boss's care.

We don't know if the old therapist or new one is "specialized" ( if that is the proper word) in ADHD or not.


So am wondering what are some good questions to ask and what's the proper way to find out if he specializes in or has worked with person or couple with ADHD before.   We don't want to come off as rude or like we don't have faith in him.   The. VA we go to, you don't always get to pick n choose who you see or get their background info (I asked the mental health department- where we have couples counseling what our new couples counselor background/specialties/experience was)



Thanks for the help