Suspect you might be with a pathological?

Wow, for those of you who have just a little nagging feeling that your manipulative, conning, lying DH isn't just manifesting symptoms of ADHD, I found a great site you might want to explore:

Here's a little snippet from it:

Your emotional and physical ‘Independence Day’ is the beginning of recovery.  It’s the day that you ‘come to’ and say:

* How did I get here?
* Is this REALLY my life?
* Where did the real me go?
* Look how much this has cost me to be with him
* Look what it’s done to my friends/family/children
* You know what? I’m not CRAZY!
* I don’t believe his lies any more
* I’m sick of feeling this way
* I am tired of hearing about how everything is my fault
* I am sickened by my own staying