Sweating the Small Stuff

I am the wife of an ADD husband.  He is a genius in so many ways.  In fact, he took the genius test and came out in the top two percent.  He has a great job and makes lots of money.  He loves me, and tells me every day.  I also love him and tell him that I love him every day.  I really do love him, in spite of his ADD traits.

Why then, do I sweat the small stuff?  I think the answer to that is that the small stuff adds up day by day and turns into big stuff.  My husband is messy, unorganized, forgetful, and has an I don't care, it doesn't matter attitude.  I let the stuff that doesn't affect me personally go, but the stuff that I have to fix because of his ways, can really get to me.  Usually I brush it off, but I guess it is in the back of my mind and comes out now and then.

This forum has given me insight into my husband's ADD.  It is giving me the patience to deal with my husband's ADD, but I admit that after he leaves the house I do sometimes have to vent by sputtering as I clean up after him.