When I was 33 years old and in my last semester (of many) before obtaining my bachelor's degree I was officially diagnosed with ADHD by a graduate student in the campus psychology clinic. I made my "big discovery" the previous year but it took me a year of struggles and raging against the reality of what my life had been for nearly three decades before I sought professional help.

My wife (the best on the planet) was all my prayers answered and not so ironically a special ed teacher. She helped me a great deal in the initial months and in the years since.

But one of my biggest frustrations has been that all the literature, websites and the focus of ADHD treatment and coping techniques is geared toward children. It annoys me for two reasons: 1) adults of my generation (born in 1974) are less likely to have been diagnosed with ADHD until their adult years and 2) children with ADHD grow up to be adults with ADHD which is a whole new animal with new and more complex issues.

I love this site. My wife discovered it and forwarded the link on to me and SHE loves this site. 

Thank you!