A Theory

My Theory is this, and my disclaimer, I have not succeeded in doing what my theory is.  My Theory: You have to have victory over the addiction before you can have victory over ADD or ADHD.  I use the word victory rather than "control" because "control" is an addicts word.  On the other hand, I think Dr. Hollowell is on the right track.  Victory means that you have not "indulged" your addiction in a long time.

There's an ad on TV about a hospital that helps people deal with addiction.  It's wrong.  The guy that talks says, "I was an addict and now I'm not."  Wrong!  Once an addict, always an addict.  You go to the grave an addict.  But... as I said, you can have victory over the addiction.

Addictions are horrible!  There doesn't seem to be any way of having victory over them. 

My Theory: Throw your addiction at the foot of the Cross

Even if you're not a believer, you can do this. 

Jesus, in the garden of Gethsemane, prayed to God.  "Take this bitter cup from me."  If there is any other way.  Question:  Did God deliver Jesus from crucifixion on the cross?  No.  Did God Deliver Jesus from the beating He took before He was crucified?  No.  Jesus had to go through it. 

He had to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

And that's what we have to do.  How many times have you prayed to God asking him to deliver you from your addiction?  Did he?  Probably not, because He wants us to sacrifice.  Could He deliver us, absolutely?  But he doesn't. 

Sacrifice your addiction, I think it's the only way to have victory over your addiction.  I may be wrong.  But that's all I know to do.  Nothing else works.

I had a friend that said this: "If you really want to have victory over your addiction, you have to suffer."  Jesus suffered.  And unfortunately, I think,  that's what we have to do.

And if we manage to have victory over our addiction, then we can work to have victory over our ADD.