Today It Starts Because I Discovered my Own Key

The key is Flow Charts.  I had an epiphany last night.  It came to me in the most convoluted way imaginable but only to say it came to me.  It is my key to getting things done and I already know that it will work before I even try.  I know this because of how I think, how I see things, how I process information, how I write and think and do everything that I do.  It answers why I am so bad at one thing and turn around do the same but different thing as well and in some cases better than everyone else.  It's how I got through school as well as I did.  It's how I do art and sports as well as I do (in specific areas).  It's how I can figure things out in the moment or can pick something up that I have never seen before and figure it out and how it works and then make it work by doing it without anyone telling me how or even knowing what that thing does...but yet, I can do this without even thinking about it.  All I have to do is hold it in my hand and I can tell you what it is and what it does...and with a little practice and only a few tries.....make the thing work as it was intended to.  It explains why I did well in school.....production systems analysis. It explains why people with ADHD need structure. It explains why day planners never work for me.  it explains almost every answer that I have ever wondered about and then suddenly there it was!  It explains how I know everything I know.


As I stand on the ground and look up at the stars....all I see is endless possibilities and billions of combinations in no random order.  I see the same thing when it comes to organizing my day.....the answer is Flow Charts


It frick'in took me long enough to figure this out!  I already had the answer in all the things I just said...that's how I was able to see it.  In the galaxy of endless possibilities.....I see a linear flow chart with different geometric shapes for each thing I need to do and know exactly what to put into each shapes but no one but me knows what this looks has to be exactly the way I see it in my head or it won't work:  linear not spread like a electrical schematic....  left to right.... not up and down....different colored boxes, circles,  and triangles...but now I know what it has to looks like too.  And it has to be this way or it won't work.  Now I know how to do it. The rest is academic. That's my structure.....the rest I can do in my sleep!  lol lol

Flow Charts are already in my head and they've always been there.  I just wasn't looking in the right place....instead of inside my own head cool is that?

Now...I gotta run.  I know what to do but I thought it would be fun to share this with anyone was interested even if this makes absolutely no sense to anyone else (aside from possibly someone like me)........ but that's not the point.  lol