Unexpected medication choice - Anyone have experience with Mood Stabilizers?

My partner just got his first script and I can't find anything online about it's use with ADHD. Most of the information is regarding bipolar disorder or co-morbid adhd/bp. It is sometimes mentioned in treating kids with agression and ODD. My dh is ADHD inattentive, and was already on Celexa for several years prior to his recent diagnosis. Today they added Trileptal.

Does anyone have any input on Trileptal or mood stabilizers for ADHD? Might they just be trying to rule out co-morbid BP before trying a stimulant or other medication? I just wish it was something I'd seen work or improve ADHD symptoms in people, but I can't find any evidence or stories for encouragement. I wish I was there to ask questions as my DH is terrible at getting specific info from doctors. He can't tell me what symptoms they are trying to treat.

It scares me to see him start the medication trial and error game while he's doing so well at work and just got promoted, but he desperately needs treatment. Thoughts?