Hopefully, I'm not repeating any old information here, I haven't dropped by in a while but after learning about verbal abuse without any mention of ADD, I felt a need to share. My ADD spouse told me more times than I can count that I was just "too sensitive" but apparently he's verbally abusive and he doesn't even realize it! If I pointed it out I'd be a "trouble maker" too! Really? If he's been diagnosed with ADD, we can't point out the verbal abuse?

An excerpt from the link:

..."verbal abuse creates pain and trauma and can lead to physical illness. Ongoing abuse is stressful, no matter how much one tries to ignore it. Stress compromises the immune system leaving the abused person vulnerable to a host of illnesses. Back pain and exhaustion are often the first symptoms."

The depression I struggle with is probably due to the chronic financial hardships and verbal abuse that ADD has brought to my life. In my mind, I can separate the ADD from the spouse, but I also feel the need to separate myself physically from what feels like ADD's relentless attack on me. The spouse is just never going to get it and if he does, it will only be for a day or so...

Nice to see some familiar names out there!

Please be good to yourself :)