The warped perceptions are destroying my kids

So, the marriage failed and he moved out.  When he lived here I could talk him down off his perception of things that were basically mind reading, fortune telling, warped and selective memories.  Now he's living elsewhere which gives him an easy out.  It's gotten so bad that he'll only communicate with me through text, which is the WORST for an ADD spouse, he can read something negative into every single word I write. 

The worst part is how this impacts my kids.  He's now telling the kids (11 & 12 years old) to lie to me, withhold information from me, and is telling them crazy crap about our relationship and why we've separated.  I'm suffering with debilitating depression, to the point of begging him to take the kids so I could hospitalize, rest, and get into counseling alone, take care of myself.  He flipped out and told the kids he'd get fired if he took custody of them, and then told them there is nothing wrong with me and I'm feeling sorry for myself.  Now I'm stuck in this situation and I have two boys who treat me like a malingering pathetic idiot.  They're not just lieing to me, and treating me like crap, they're stealing from me.  They're turning into him, using his logic, just tearing me apart. 

I'm starting to think they should see as little of him as possible and this just isn't what I believe. I'm a divorce attorney, Guardian ad Litem, Mediator, it's my entire business.  I can't believe that I'm thinking this way, how could it possiblyl be in their best interest to see as little as possible of their own father?