were do you start

I have just finished the first half of “marriage and adhd” and this first half has just described in detail my last 30 years of marriage every paragraph and were my relationship is at. I am also reading “ you mean I’m not lazy, crazy and stupid “and feel I have found what I have been feeling for most of my life. These came along on pbs show ” adhd and loving it” which for me was a light bulb going on.

Feeling as something always wrong or going to be wrong, the understanding why I never really finish anything or follow through on most of my projects except projects for clients (sometimes very hard to finish). I love my work but sometimes if not under a dead line it doesn’t get done. The same at home if my wife doesn’t yell, cabinets don’t get built. But I mean to, and then something else comes up.

I have never lasted more than five years in a job, really three years and the last two years of the five took a lot trying to stay around. I always have many sticks in the fire, always working in two professions at the same time. Then fly-fishing came back to the surface and there I was chasing profession one, profession two and steelhead. Oh forgot to tell you about my wife, the house we built (unfinished), started an office with six employees; which allowed me to take more on with someone to finish. And now with the economy down, no more employees to do the work so getting it done is challenging, like writing this letter instead of working and getting my project out of here.

My question; were do you start how do you find someone good to help. I have been to counseling alone and with my wife. And nobody has mentioned ADHD, the closest was one counselor headed into the highly sensitive person which was very good and explain my wife and little of me but it didn’t answer a feeling, like these two books have. The ADHD and Marriage book was spot on and how my wife relates toward me, but she is more amplified and needs some major relief.