What to do?

 I am an ADHD single parent (female) and am in a very critical stage in our relationship (it is with "baby daddy"). We have been off and on for 4 years and reconciled in January and were separated for a year prior. I had forgone medication throughout my 20s because I did not want to get hooked on meds or be dependent on them for the rest of my life, that to me just sounded dreadful and when I did decide to get help via meds (a couple of months ago), well I didn't have insurance nor the cash so I started researching and reading and came upon this site, which by the way is my first time posting.
I was able to save up and finally got the medications needed, and so i am really hoping for the best, as my psychiatrist put it, "It's 70% medication and 30% actual therapy (the talking part).
My issue is this, my S.O. and I temporarily live in other states because I am finishing something I thought I would NEVER finish (b/c all my life I started things and never finished) BUT this time I am, and that is my college degree. I graduate in December and we (our daughter and I)are planning to move back to the northeast to reunite with my husband to be. Our relationship has never been "secure" do to trust issues and he says a lot of it is due to my "antics" and one day I have "this disorder and then the next is another disorder".....I also have post traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety and am ADHD but I never used those, or atleast i thought, as a defense mechanism.
I need some perceptions because really, I have seen a lot of negative refelction on us ADHD people, like "why be with someone who had ADHD/ADD"....and it is quite disturbing to read but at the same time I know this is a place to vent and connect with those who can give you insight. So I come to you, seeking advise on marrying someone with ADHD. I have always been skeptical of marriage because the for better or for worse vow and foresaking others vow seem to go out the window right after the "I do's".
I love him but it scares me that he may run from me or leave me because of my "baggage"....one day he says he understands and the next it is thrown in my face.  How much time do i give it, what more can i do? what more can he do?