What happens when a covert narcissist controls a person with ADD/ADHD?

Has anyone experienced a covert narcissist controlling and manipulating someone with ADD/ADHD(dx or ndx)?

I'm looking for advice as my recent ex partner has this happening to her but she is either oblivious to it or not willing to accept it and going along with it, I'm aware that she is the only one who can come to the realisation and take the first steps to make any changes . I shared that I had the realisation that her mum is a covert narcissist and shared evidence to back up my findings, after her mum broke us up with her lies and smear campaign about me.

I'm still deeply in love with my ex (I was planning on proposing and we were going to be buying a house before she unexpectedly broke up with me after spending a night at her mums house after an argument) I mainly just want her to be safe and away from being controlled and manipulated. 

Any personal experience with a (covert) narcissistic parent to a child with ADD/ADHD? Any advice on what to do or not do?