What's the most that bother you and how you deal with it?

Well, in my case, one thing that  bother me is when the TV or the computer get all his attention . Is like he disconnect himself from everything around him. So, If I need something from him or I need to talk with him, I try to do it before or after this activities. And if I need his attention in the moment I go on front of the TV or the computer , sometimes I have to clap hard to capture his attention. That is not funny for him but he understand. His sister also do this trick LOL

When we have an argument and he only focus in one thing of the conversation or focus only in what he believed or think , and tends to be offensive, that drive me crazy. I learned to stop the conversation and wait for other moment and if is nothing important I just forget about it. Can you believed that one day I told him that I feel bad each time he was offensive and I mentioned all his words and he was amazed because he did not realized that he was doing that. Since then, he try to avoid such things, but sometimes he goes automatic. Thanks God that we don't have this kind of situations often, in fact are very rare. This morning was the first time in a while that we have one of those stupid arguments.  Uffs! at the beginning of our marriage was constantly. So, is a big improvement .

I'm glad and lucky that we work together on this, if not , I can't imagine how it would be. For ADHD marriages, each day is a challenge day, but working as a team makes a big difference. Today I can say that I'm happily married with an ADHD partner.