When husband was first diagnosed

One of the hardest things we went through for both of us when my husband was first diagnosed in 2006  The psychiatrist he was seeing, gave him the book "Delivered from Distraction", and we also got the tapes.

      The book described how many brilliant and famous people had ADHD, and that it turned out to be a "gift". So, my husband ONLY looked at his ADHD as this incredible gift that I didnt appreciate him having. He was SO pleased with this explaination, and couldnt figure out what was wrong with ME for not appreciating him having this fantastic GIFT of ADHD, He was angry with me because I didnt feel the same way about his great GIFT, which set him apart from the REST of society.

       He didnt investigate it beyond that point and then took his medication sporatically after that which didnt do him much good. In fact it seemed to make it worse since he wasnt taking the meds correctly.

      This was just something I remembered about when he was first diagnosed. He also still doesnt see how it impacted our marriage and family. Just saying. It was sad that all he could see was what he wanted to see and nothing else.