Why can't H be like this ALL of the time??

H stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning all last week because he doesn't get home until 11PM. Him being up kept me up so I was working on like 2-3 hours of sleep every night. Friday night I wait up for him. I'm super tired but make it. This time within 10 minutes of him getting home he comes to bed with me! Now WHY can't he do that every night? He insists he needs to stay up until 4AM so he can sleep later. Well why not come to bed by midnight and get up at 7 or 8 and THEN spend 3 or 4 hours playing your stupid video game?? Doesn't that make more sense than staying up until early in the morning and then complaining that you can't sleep because of all the noise outside? Plus it makes me happy that you come to bed with me and aren't keeping me up. You can play your game at  max volume in the morning while I'm at work!

Then another shocker! Yesterday, without a word to me, he FINALLY calls an electrician to come over and give us an estimate on what it will take to do some projects. He has been telling me since early December that he was going to call one. Then he told me he was going to be able to do it and went and bought the wrong stuff and I've been waiting for about a month for him to return it and get the right stuff. Then he has a guy who is interested in buying his motorcycle and he actually acts on it and calls the guy and makes a deal. So now that will be out of the garage today.

Why can't he be motivated like this ALL the time rather than 6 months of nothing and then a day of everything?!