Why is every good time ruined by H's attitude??

H complains that I never speak up with things I want to do. Whenever I do, he ends up being in a bad mood because he never REALLY wanted to do them and makes me feel like he's just going to please me. Well, THAT'S why I never ask you to do anything! Even when he offers for us to do something and then 2 days later I ask if we are still doing it and he acts like he never wanted to do it in the first place but now he HAS to do it. I came up with going to a cover band for his birthday back in February. He said "I suppose we can go." We had others joining us and he really wasn't excited about it. Yet after we got there, he had a really good time.  Back in March I posted about this concert that was coming up in June. He responds enthusiastically "Yeah lets do this". I verify he wants to go and is still on board. I get the tickets and then it happened last week and a few days before I told him to remember to get off work early for the concert. He goes "Oh is that this week?" very unethusiastically. He got in a bad mood the night before and then the day of he was once again in a bad mood. I as just waiting for him to come up with some reason why he couldn't go. He was cranky when I picked him up and cranky until we got there and then started having a good time and was laughing more than anyone around him. He thought it would suck, but it was really good.

We've gone to Vancouver via train 3 times now and it starts out great but 24 hours in and he's pissy because we're walking all over the place and he gets tired or "I" didn't figure out where to go (because he doesn't have the patience to figure things out) and every single time we've gotten back on the train to go home with him being so pissed off about the whole thing. Now he wants to go to L.A. in October for some video game thing. Well he bought the ticket for it back in March but still hasn't gotten plane tickets for us or a place to stay even though he's been saying for months he was going to. Actually, I am supposed to book a place but I'm not doing that until he buys plane tickets and then of course it will be all my fault because everything is booked up and he thought I booked something months ago. I wouldn't be surprised if he decides not to go. And if we do, he'll be pissed off when we get there because "I" don't know where to go. Nothing is ever fun, it's just tedious and I'm always just waiting for him to be angry.