Why I call my self "Bowl of Petunias"

You may recall my wife recently tried to get me to say that we can plan on going to Disney and Universal Studios in the summer.  We got part of her mother's estate a few months ago and used it on bills and home repairs.  We are about to get some more, and we have more home repairs lined up.

Guess what?  The furnace and laundry room in the basement flooded!  So we may have to use more of that money on repairs, such as expanding the French drain when we have them redo the basement bathroom.  (We were not able to afford redoing the bathroom when we put the French drain in, so there is no French drain in that part of the basement.  We were previously told that flooding in the furnace area would not be a problem if we stopped using the basement toilet.  We did so, and this is the first time it has been a problem again--for several days after a big storm.  We really need to redo the bathroom, given how much both our kids hog the upstairs bathroom.)

I am left thinking to myself, "Oh no, not again!"

We had to call off a Disney trip she told the kids were going to take in 2016 because we got slammed with several thousands of dollars of owed taxes AND the chimney liner collapsed and needed to be replaced for about $1,800.

Part of the reason I told her we could not plan on the summer trip was because she has previously blurted it out when I have said that we could plan on it IF she promised not to tell the kids.  Naturally, she told the kids a few days later.  So at least there isn't another "planned" trip to Disney that needs to be called off this time.

I also hate agreeing to her pushing me to make promises to her.  For several years, she kept pushing me to promise when I would be done writing my dissertation.  Almost anyone writing a dissertation is going to be frustrated and embarrassed that it is taking longer than they thought it would.  After several of the forced promises I could not fulfill, however, I was feeling like a liar.  I told her, "Please don't make me lie to you again."  She doesn't seem to be at all troubled, however, when she can't/doesn't fulfill her promises.