Why is it so impossible to keep a job?

I have reached maximum annoyance level today. I am on the cusp of removing my husband from my home. Every time he "gets a job" he somehow has an issue with his paycheck that is never his fault. There will be a mix up or someone will forget he works there..input any excuse here. Eventually I end up calling the job and they have no idea who he is..I confront my husband about it who then denies wholeheartedly that he has lied and claims maybe its a new person or they just never met him. This is the pattern for the last 4 years. Half of the places he "worked" I really dont know if he actually did. Today I called his new job after he mysteriously didnt receive a paycheck (his excuse was that he was new and the guy who dropped off the checks didnt know he worked for that store) and SURPRISE they had no idea who he is. Im at my wits end and I dont know what to do about it. How can someone be so inconsistently inconsistent? How is it so hard to just show up at a job and get paid?