Wonderful Resources

I wanted to say, "Thank you!" to Mrs. Orlov and Dr. Hallowell for creating, moderating, and curating this informative forum. I recently started dating a guy and he admitted to having ADHD. I came from a well-educated family and upbringing and so I know what ADHD is and what it isn't. With that regard, his ADHD hasn't scared me away. Because I am aware of the symptoms and expressed behavior of ADHD, I started "suggesting" guidelines for how we should communicate and made a detailed outline of our forthcoming date in West Hollywood. Even those I "know" ADHD, I need to read and familiarize myself with the real-world experiences in the context of relationships. I told "Hanz" about this website as a resource for me. I wanted to educated myself on ADHD in relationships, so that I won't have any surprises. If a conflict or problem does arise between Hanz and I, I will have practical knowledge as a value and guiding system to help alleviate the problem(s).

Warmest sincerity and with appreciation,