I met my husband online 4 years ago. We fall in love and still are crazy about each other. But we argue alot, because of small things, misunderstandings,difficult comunication( he says my English is not good enough)...I suffered a lot, because I love him.Finally we decided for me to come here to get married and to live together in the US. We were together only 28 days when he visited me in my country.I noticed he was very absent minded, forgeting or loosing his things.Once he mentioned:"I was diagnosed with ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER." , but i did not check on internet then.Now I'm here,married, we continue to argue and few days ago, after a big argument,staining the porch together, me not talking to him, I went outside to check after him (always checkafter him  to switch  lights off, to turn oven off, fan off, lock the door, etc.) I found out his keys close to the utility room. I told him with a blaming tone :"You forgot ur keys ouside !".Then he sayd:" I was diagnosed  with ADD, read about that on internet..." and the same night they called him for work and I sat at the computer and read till midnight. Then I called him and I felt he did not expect me to call after we argued, but he was happy i called. I found ur site and I printed more then 70 pages and was reading eagerly ur articles and what people say and I was crying. FINALLY !!!!!  I  CAN HELP MY HUSBAND AND I CAN SAVE MY MARRIAGE !!!!! I' ve never known ALL MY PROBLEMS AND ARGUMENTS WERE BECAUSE  the ADD thing. Now i'm trying to be more patient with his strange  questions, or obvios questions, or "stupid " questions,strange behavior,forgeting things, first asking :"Where is my wallet, my keys, my sun shades, etc. ?" and then trying to find them, etc.Many, many examples of ADD symptoms , but I  did not know !!!!!  Why I will fight, and try , and not give up on him ? - I love him, and I feel his love too. He never abused me with his behavior or a bad word, or name calling, never !!!!He is THE MOST KIND, PURE, CLEAN, HARDWORKING  MAN  I'VE  EVER KNOWN. HE IS THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE(being abused and spanked in my previous marriage) !!!!!THE MOST PRECIOUS TO ME!!!!HE PETITIONED FOR ME WITH THE USCIS TO COME TO BE WITH HIM.He makes me laugh and we do have fun together.He is so pure, like a little boy, so inosent - I did not know.He used to live by himself 30 years and finally  he picked me !!!!Now I cook, do the dishes,the loundry,sew, clean the house,take the trach can out, try to help to organize his desk( made a things to do list,a list with all birthdays of his relatives, a list when and what bills we have to pay , and remind him), open his mail, to be easier for him to check it out,...He bought me a calendar with big empty squares where I can write down each day all appointments and chores we have to do.I want to take part of his burden on my sholders to be easier for him -  he was overwhelmed !!!Soon I will start working too.Do not give up, you can marry and live and be happy with ADD partner!!!!He is a responsible and reliable man(bad habits and addiction he left in the past ). And like a lady said here :" Its so dificult to live with him, but I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT HIM !!!!"Good luck ya'll.Ur site helped my,thank you.Jenny D.