2 More Days Until Couples Seminar

We loved each other and yet couldn't seem to get along...that was what was so confusing!  I kept thinking "we ought to be able to do better!"

It turns out we struggled because my husband's ADHD - and my responses to his ADHD - were hurting us in ALL the classic ways.  He thought I didn't love him because I kept reminding him of all the things he wasn't doing well (or even at all!).  I thought he didn't love me because he was too distracted to pay attention to me.  And there was a long, long list of other problems and hurts, too.

If you are frustrated that your relationship is not what you had expected it to be, and if one or both of you has ADHD (or suspects you do), then my couples seminar could be life changing.  Over more than a decade I have honed this seminar so that you don't have to 'guess' as I did about what's going on or how to fix it.  In this couple's seminar you'll learn techniques to improve your relationship that work for couples like you.

The couple's seminar is given by phone, so can be taken from anywhere, and I record every session in case you miss one or live in a difficult time zone.  But more important than that - it really could help you find the happiness that has felt so elusive.

It starts THIS TUESDAY NIGHT, 1/15, so the time to register is NOW!  Please go to this page for all the details and to register.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

With best wishes,

Melissa Orlov