60 Seconds Could Change Your Life

Are you still struggling in your ADHD-impacted relationship?

Then would you take just 60 seconds to consider my couples seminar? – The one that has helped so many, many couples?  It starts on Tuesday, October 10th, and here are the details in a nutshell:

My live couples seminar is the best resource available – bar none – to help you learn how to navigate the specific issues you face in your relationship.  And it starts October 10th.  Registration is happening now.

During the seminar, I will answer ALL of the questions you ask or send me.  Guaranteed.  That takes a lot of effort on my part…but it’s worth it because this is what you need – to be able to ask a top expert your specific questions.

The seminar is action-oriented…providing tons of information, and specific strategies you can put into action to create the positive change you seek.  (Speaking of actions, you can register here!)

I do not believe either partner is the only one ‘at fault.’  Ever.  That means I speak to both ADHD and non-ADHD partners with straight-forward compassion.  I’ve helped thousands of couples with your issues and know what you need to move forward.

You can take the seminar from anywhere as it is given by phone, and if you miss a session you can catch up with the recordings I make.  Some, who can’t ever attend live, take the course just listening to each week’s recording.  They still get to send me all their questions and learn from the questions others ask.

There are 8 sessions total, with each 1.5 hour session consisting of a lecture and Q&A (all given by conference call).  And remember, you are invited to send me ALL of your questions.  Plus, there are readings and exercises for those who wish to max out the experience.  Transformative information and immediately usable strategies, all for only $289 per couple.

More information is at this page, including a syllabus and all dates.

Please contact me if you have questions about the seminar – I’m happy to answer them!

With best regards,

Melissa Orlov

P.S.  Want to see what past participants think?  Go to the bottom of the seminar page...