ADHD Couples Seminar Starts JANUARY 12! Register now

Want to improve your relationship?  My next ADHD Effect In-Depth seminar starts in one week, on January 12th.  This 8-week seminar is given by conference call, so it is convenient and easy to take.  This course has improved the lives of many couples struggling with the same issue that you have - a relationship impacted by adult ADHD.

For years I have honed this seminar to be effective and meaningful for couples impacted by adult ADHD.  In it you'll learn immediately useful ways to:

  • Improve treatment of ADHD
  • Move away from angry interactions
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively
  • Understand ‘hard to understand’ behaviors, such as lying and nagging and how to move away from them
  • Get out of parent/child mode and become real partners again
  • Correctly interpret and respond to ADHD-symptomatic behaviors
  • Take charge of projects and time management
  • Find more affection, fun and romance in your relationship
  • …and much, much more

Knowledge is power when is comes to learning to thrive in your relationship.  You can find out more about what you will learn in the course at this link.  And I'm offering you $30 off the registration when you use the code: GEN116  Enter the code at registration, then click "apply."

Let me explain how the course works logistically.  Each week I give a one hour lecture by phone (starting at 8:30pm eastern time) plus half an hour of live Q&A.  You just call the number and follow along with the materials I will send you the day before.  You can call in from two locations if you need to.  And I record each session and send out the link to that recording the next day so you can keep it for future use or listen to it if you missed the live session or live overseas.  Very simple – no technical hassles.

Participants get multiple opportunities to send me questions in written form during the course…and I answer and share those written Q&As with the class.  So you will get ALL of your questions answered by the end of the course. The course also includes optional homework worksheets, suggested readings and the like.  It’s optional because not everyone is ready to do the homework.  But you get it for whenever you might be ready in the future.

This course has helped many, many couples.  If you wish to see what past participants have said, please go to the bottom of the seminar page.

If you have questions about the course, please feel free to ask them by contacting me here.

I sincerely hope that you and your partner will consider joining me for this upcoming seminar.  Why not make the best New Year's resolution ever, and start making the concrete changes that will improve your relationship for the long-term?  Register here - and don't forget your discount (GEN116)!

With best wishes to you,

Melissa Orlov

P.S.  If you have already registered and wish to receive the discount, please contact me to let me know!