The Value of a Book

May 29, 2014

Quote of the Week

“When you walk around…you see so many people who aren’t desperate but still sad and lonely.  That’s one of the amazing things great books do – they don’t just let you to see the world differently, they get you to look at people, the people all around you, differently.”
          -Mary Anne Schwalbe, as quoted in her’s son’s book about her fight with cancer, The End of Your Life Book Club

The Value of a Book

I love to read books!  In fact, my evening is not complete if I don’t spend at least 15 minutes reading before going to sleep.  Not only do I get a chance to delve into a world different from my own, reading also calms my mind in a way that television cannot.  It’s great preparation for sleeping better.  (Particularly good for sleeping is any book that is not read on a back lit computer screen.  The blue light of these tells your body that it's time to be awake, rather than to sleep.)

Mary Anne Schwalbe was also a great lover of books, and I loved this quote about why.

If you love books but don’t have one nearby, set a date with yourself to visit your local library.  If you don’t like to read, you might consider audiobooks and a set of headphones for a short bit of psychological reset and calming, particularly before bed.


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-Melissa Orlov