April 4 - Next ADHD and Marriage Seminar Begins

If you've been thinking about taking my 8-week phone seminar for couples impacted by ADHD, now is the time to register.  This next session starts Monday, April 4th...after that, I won't give it again until October.

It's a great seminar, honed over many years to offer couples exactly what they need.  It's designed to help you and your partner: get past anger and hurt; better understand how ADHD impacts both of you; learn to trust again; move beyond lying and cover ups; rediscover joy, and more.  For all of the details or to register, go to this seminar page.

You can use the strategies taught in this course immediately  - and I am there to answer all of your questions, too. (I do this live after each lecture, as well as in written form throughout the course.)  The seminar is given by conference call - so it's easy to take - and I record every session so if you miss one you can listen to the recording to keep up.

Once you've looked at this seminar page please let me know if you have any questions by using this contact form.  The ADHD Effect In-Depth couples seminar is a life-changing course for many couples - please consider taking it now.  It's never too soon to recover the love you thought you had lost and learn how to make your relationship work for you, even if it's impacted by ADHD.

With best regards,

Melissa Orlov

​P.S.  For those of you who live overseas or in a time zone that doesn't match up well with the 8:30pm eastern time start of the course lectures, you are welcome to take the course completely by listening to the recordings I make available the next morning.  You will still hear the Q&A (very interesting!) as well as be able to ask all of your questions.