Couples Seminar Starts Jan. 18 - Register NOW to Transform Your Relationship

Don't wait - it's time to transform your relationship!  My 8-week couples seminar, given by teleconference, is one of the best (and fastest) ways for couples impacted by ADHD to improve their relationship.

"We are in the best place we have ever been as a couple - and without your course we would never have managed that - in fact, without your course we wouldn't have managed to stay together...."

It's an intensive experience that I've honed over the years to optimize YOUR success.  Read more, or you can register here...

Here are the seminar details, in short:

  • 8 sessions given by conference call.  I record each session, so if you can't attend live, you can listen to the recording and get all the same benefits
  • Calls, which include a lecture and Q&A, start at 8:30pm eastern and go until 10pm.  Again, if you can't make it live, you should still register for the live course and listen to the recordings as we go along
  • $289 per couple - if you need to pay over time, please let me know
  • For that, you get to learn the critical information about what's going on between you, and strategies that WORK to get you out of your negative interactions.
  • You also get to ask me all of your questions - ALL of them - either live or in written form

You'll learn about:

  • ADHD management strategies that actually stick (and work!)
  • Why it's not all about the ADHD partner - responses to ADHD are equally important
  • Diminishing anger and frustration
  • How to get out of parent/child interactions, Chore Wars, and blame
  • Improving communication skills
  • Getting past lying, nagging and other difficult behaviors
  • How to connect more intimately
  • How to feel the love you thought you had lost

That's just a partial list of what you'll get out of it!

And during the course, I will answer ALL of your questions - I promise.

Do I sound enthusiastic?  I am!  That's because this seminar has been THE breakthrough for many couples.  Couples who felt hopeless; who have tried counseling without much success; who are separated or contemplating divorce...where one partner has ADHD or both have it.  Does it work for every single couple?  Of course not - to promise that would be to lie.  But it's amazing just how many couples find that this seminar is the start of their 'new beginning.'

"You have given us hope and a direction.  I am forever grateful to your wisdom, and ability to even handedly deliver your message.  My ADHD husband has felt like the bad guy for so long but you managed to get him to sit still and look at himself without judgment.  That’s pretty amazing!!!"

What do you have to lose?  Start 2017 off by committing to making your lives together healthier, happier and more loving.  REGISTER HERE.

If you have questions, please contact me at this link.  

With best regards,

Melissa Orlov

P.S.  I offer a 100% refund up until the third session if you don't want to there really is no risk to trying it out.